Minor patch [3]

Minor game patch:

  • Added an event in the water where you can get attacked
  • Improved description of some items
  • Added cloth making from wool which you get from sheep
  • Improved accessories (rings, etc) to give additional stats like movement speed, roll cooldown reduction, etc
  • Added sprinkler for watering plants automatically
  • Added sparkler if you want to celebrate or just make your base colorful :P
  • Sugarcanes, sugar, muffins and additional items
  • Last but not least, randomly spawned gnome villages like shown above, still work in progress

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everything else is good

i have just one small issue with the game,the pixelart scaling

what you mean by pixel art scaling?

i can't explain it,only game devs will understand though

the pixels on the tiles are bigger than the one on the characters,thats the only way i can put it

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nice looking game